Breeze Island
Map Creator static_nightmare
Map Size Small


Player Limit 24
Theme Island, Jungle
Date Published 15/08/2012

Breeze Island is a community map in which its a bunch of small islands and landforms.


Breeze Island, as the name suggests, is an island map. At the Cornucopia there is a hut covered in vines in which the Cornucopia is surrounded by water. In order to reach the chests, you must swim to the hut, and grap as much supplies as possible. It is named so because of the breeze you feel around your Based on a tropical jungle island, it boasts a variety of deadly traps and impressively hidden secrets. A lot of the main features of this map are located offshore. These locations include the huge pirate ship, the 'parkour' tower, the small shipwrecked ship (which can be accessed by 'parkouring' across water) and the waterfall island. Some inland features are the stone brick keep and the pagoda located on the tallest hill.


Breeze Island has a lot of chests. You can find a lot inland, and more offshore. Don't be mistaken, most of the inland chests are hidden well. A lot of them are implemented into wooden pressure plates opening lava holes which contains a chest, so the next time you see a wooden pressure plate on the island, it means a chest!


Breeze Island, being a small map directly translates to fast games. Getting a sword is extremely advantageous because of the fact that 24 players are put into a small island not stretching for more than a hundred blocks. However, the chances of someone else also getting a sword is also high, which might prevent you from doing some extreme killing. This feature of the map has lead to most routes being offshore rather than island. Therefore, if your route on this map is on the main island, be careful of other players who are out to kill you. Most tier 2 chests in this map is located in fairly high places, such as on the tree near the pagoda, on top of the stone keep, and the summit of the volcano.


Recently, there has been a sprawling controversy around the map for it being too 'overplayed'. This 'overplaying' of the map is understandable because it makes quick games, rather than playing a big map such as Survival Games 2 which has a moderate possibility of going for 40 minutes.