The Cornucopia of Survival Games 4. A clear view of the Tier 2 Chests.


Chests are a vital part of winning in the Survival Games. They are scattered around any map you play on and contain loot such as food, weapons, and armor. There are currentlyture. 

Tier 1Edit

Tier 1 chests are the most common chests found in a map. These chests contain lower-class items like uncooked food, wooden swords and axes, stone axes and swords, fishing rods, leather armor, and items needed to craft arrows and swords. Some of these miso be located at the cornucopia.  

Tier 2Edit

Tier 2 chests are chests found less commonly in a map. They are the chests at the Cornucopia, but also are in hard to reach places, like on top of trees on Breeze Island. They contain higher class items like stone swords, iron and chainmail armor, diamonds, and cooked/golden foods. They are almost essential to winning a round. Edit

Tier 3Edit

Contains Diamond Armor, Enchanted Golden Apples, Golden Apples, and possibly enchanted items. AMAZING for winning rounds.