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Breeze Island Cornucopia

The Cornucopia (often referred to as the "corn" by players) is a monument located in the center of every single map in Minecraft Survival Games, and is where most players head to at the start of the game to get superior items in Tier 2 chests. The Cornucopia is different in each map. For example, Overgrown Arena has a Cornucopia that is based on a single tree, while SG4 has a Cornucopia located on a platform based on a construction site.

Taking control of the Cornucopia during the first night often leads to victory due to all the chests refilling across the map meaning you gain control of 8 or more tier 2 chests. This is a risky strategy however due to the high number of people who will risk taking the Cornucopia in hopes of winning the game. In maps such as Breeze Island or SG4 most games often finish before the refill but on larger maps such as SG2 most games reach 1 or even 2 refills.