Insanity Cause
Project Leader static_nightmare
Map Size Small
Player Limit 24
Theme Jungle, Military Base
Date Published 9/12/12

 Insanity Cause is set on a jungle-covered island in the ocean somewhere, and features an abandoned military base theme. Media such as Just Cause 2, the TV series 'Lost', and Far Cry 3 inspired the builds in this map.

The map has recieved criticism that the jungle is too dense for good PvP, and that the fairly large amounts of ocean make for long water chases, similar to Breeze Island. Therefore, it remains to be one of the less-popular maps on the servers.

From Forum Page:

Story The military base was supposedly hacked into by the Japanese during a war, and people quickly moved out, leaving the island completely deserted. Grass and vines have overgrown the island, but most of the structures are still fairly intact. 20 years later, after the war, it has become an arena for the survival games! The map is littered with traps that the host(s) have created, so watch out! There are plenty of chests hidden in the structures and foliage too, but they will require some searching to find!

Specs Diameter: 400 blocks (island consists of most of this unlike Breeze) Chests: 101 total (More or less?) Corn: Same layout as SG4 Enchanting tables: 2 (Opposite sides of the map)

There are also hidden furnaces scattered about the map, notably in the major structures, which hold enchanting bottles, to encourage enchanting.