Survival Games 4
Project Leader Vareide
Map Size Small
Player Limit 24
Theme Ancient Abandoned City
Date Published 10/04/12

'Survival Games 4 is also known as "Map 4", and was the fourth official Survival Games map created by Vareide.

It was officialy added to the servers on the 4th of October 2012, and was instantly popular with players, due to its small size and easy to find chests.

The Cornucopia is on a construction site which includes ladders, a crane, and a monitor area. There are chests sitting there but there is other exists such as the sewers to the left, and a tunnel that leads to airfield. There is some abandoned cabins, brick houses, apartments, a airport, a lake, constructions, a business district and trains. Some areas are filled with lava traps such as one at airfield that has a button that will trap a tribute and pour lava down and killing them instantly.

There was originally debate over it due to the large amount of Tier 2 chests on the map, although many of these have since been removed.

It features a wide amount of clever redstone, parkour and traps that ensures that you can consistently keep the game interesting.